Prince Shotoku

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Date of Birth February 7, 572
Place of Birth Japan
Date of Death Apr 8, 622 (50)
Horoscope Aquarius

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Prince Shōtoku

Prince Shōtoku, also known as Prince Umayado or Prince Kamitsumiya, was a semi-legendary regent and a politician of the Asuka period in Japan who served under Empress Suiko. He was the son of Emperor Yōmei and his consort, Princess Anahobe no Hashihito, who was also Yōmei's younger half-sister. His parents were relatives of the ruling Soga clan and also he was involved in the defeat of the rival Mononobe clan. The primary source of the life and accomplishments of Prince Shōtoku comes from the Nihon Shoki. The Prince is renowned for modernizing the government administration and for promoting Buddhism in Japan. Over successive generations, a devotional cult arose around the figure of Prince Shōtoku for the protection of Japan, the Imperial Family, and for Buddhism. Key religious figures such as Saichō, Shinran and others claimed inspiration or visions attributed to Prince Shōtoku.

Born: February 7, 574
Died: April 8, 622
Spouse: Uji no Shitsukahi, Tojiko no Iratsume
Issue: Prince Yamashiro
House: Yamato
Father: Emperor Yōmei
Mother: Princess Anahobe no Hashihito

About Prince Shotoku

Japanese regent and politician who served Empress Suiko during the Asuka period. The Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan) was the primary source of information on him.

Prince Shotoku Before Fame

He was appointed regent by the Empress in 593 at the age of twenty-one.

Achievement of Prince Shotoku

There were a number of institutions in Japan named after him, including Shotoku Gakuen University and Seitoku University.

Prince Shotoku Family Life

His parents were Emperor Yōmei and Princess Anahobe no Hashihito of the Soga clan.

Associations of Prince Shotoku

Oda Nobunaga was another important Japanese historical figure.

Information related to Prince Shōtoku

  • Asuka-dera - , also known as, is a Buddhist temple in Asuka, Nara. Asuka-dera is regarded as one of the oldest temples in Japan.
  • Jōgū Shōtoku Hōō Teisetsu , biography.
  • Kokki - Kokki, alternatively known as Kuni tsu Fumi meaning "National Record", is a Japanese historical text purported to have been written in 620 by Shōtoku Taishi and Soga no Umako. It is recorded in the Nihon Shoki, but there are no known extant copies.
  • Sangyō Gisho - The Sangyōsho is the title of three annotated commentaries on important Buddhist sutras: Hokke Gisho, Shōmangyō Gisho, and Yuimagyō Gisho.
  • Tennōki - Tennōki, alternatively known as Sumera Mikoto no Fumi, is a historical text purported to have been written in 620 by Shōtoku Taishi and Soga no Umako. It is recorded in the Nihon Shoki, but no extant copies are known to exist.
  • Historical Sites of Prince Shōtoku - The Historical Sites of Prince Shōtoku are a group of 28 Buddhist temples in Japan related to the life of Prince Shōtoku.
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