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Kanagawa, Japan

Southern All Stars, also known by the abbreviations Sazan and SAS, are a Japanese rock band that first formed in 1974. The band is composed of Keisuke Kuwata, Yuko Hara, Kazuyuki Sekiguchi, Hiroshi Matsuda and Hideyuki "Kegani" Nozawa. In addition to the present lineup, former guitarist Takashi Omori had worked in the band until 2001. After the contract with Victor Entertainment, the band released their top-ten charting debut single "Katte ni Sindbad" in 1978. Since then, Southern has been one of the best-selling music groups in the past 30 years of Japan, selling more than 47 million albums and singles in Japan alone. They have had over 40 top-ten hit singles and 16 number-one albums on the Japan's Oricon Charts as of 2008. Their 1998 compilation Umi no Yeah!! has sold more than 3.3 million copies and became the best-selling double album in Japanese history.

Origin Kanagawa, Japan
Genres Southern rock, soft rock, folk rock, blues rock, new wave, kayōkyoku (early)
Years active 1977–1985, 1988–2000, 2003–2008, 2013–present
Labels Victor Entertainment/Taishita
Members Keisuke Kuwata, Kazuyuki Sekiguchi, Yuko Hara, Hiroshi Matsuda, Hideyuki "Kegani" Nozawa
Past members Takashi Omori

About Southern All Stars

Japanese rock band known for their take on the genre from the American South. Over the course of their long-running career they have  had 40 top-ten hit singles and 16 number-one albums on the Japan's Oricon Charts.

Achievement of Southern All Stars

From 2008-2013 the band went on a short term hiatus while individual members pursued solo ambitions. 

Top Facts You Did Not Know About Southern All Stars

Musical groups from Kanagawa Prefecture.. Japanese rock music groups.

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