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Vivianna Grant (Σταρ του YouTube) - Age, Birthday, Bio, Facts, Family, Net Worth, Height & More

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Σχετικά με τον Vivianna Grant

Viv HairTherapy is a YouTuber who is well-known for her Viv HairTherapy channel. Her natural haircare videos, advice, and stylings, as well as her beauty submissions, have made her a household name.

Ο Vivianna Grant πριν από τη φήμη

She established her YouTube channel in January 2013.

Επίτευγμα του Vivianna Grant

Her YouTube channel now has over 490,000 subscribers. "I TRIED FOLLOWING A CAUCASIAN'S HAIR TUTORIAL" and "TRY THIS to obtain YOUR BEST Twist-Out on Natural Hair!!" are two of her most popular videos there.

Οικογενειακή ζωή του Vivianna Grant

She was born and raised in Jamaica, a Caribbean island.

Συνδέσεις του Vivianna Grant

She and Lexis Hair [YouTube Star] are both well-known on YouTube for their natural haircare tutorials.

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