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Gregory S. Paul Fast Facts
Birthday ***, 1954
Place of Birth Washington, DC, United States
Age 66 years old
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
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Gregory S. Paul

Gregory Scott Paul is an American freelance researcher, author and illustrator working in the field of paleontology and has recently studied sociology and theology. He is best known for his work and research on arthropods and his detailed illustrations, both living and skeletal. Professionally investigating and restoring dinosaurs for three decades, Paul has earned on-screen credit as the Jurassic Park and When Dinosaurs Roamed America and Dinosaur Planet by Discovery Channel. . He is the author and illustrator of the Carnivores of the World, The Complete Dinosaur Skeleton Illustration Guide, Aerial Dinosaur, The Princeton Field Dinosaur Guide, The Dinosaur Coffee Table Book dinosaur by Gregory S. Paul, and is the editor of the American Dinosaur Science Book. Paul's recent research on the interaction between religion and society has been reported in the international press and media.

Born December 24, 1954, Washington D.C, United States
Residence Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Nationality American
Fields Paleontology, Paleoart, Sociology, Theology
Institutions Independent
Known for Accurate dinosaur restorations, Pioneering feathered theropods during "Dinosaur Renaissance", Technical/popular books and articles, criticism of religion
Influences Charles R. Knight, William Scheele, Bill Berry
Influenced Artists during and after the "Dinosaur Renaissance"
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About Gregory S. Paul

American paleontologist and illustator most famous as an adviser on programs like the TV series "Dinosapien." He is renowned for his vivid illustrations of dinosaurs, which have appeared in more than one hundred books on the subject.

Gregory S. Paul before fame

He began working as a researcher and illustrator at Johns Hopkins University in 1977.

Achievement of Gregory S. Paul

He was credited as a "dinosaur specialist" in the 1993 blockbuster "Jurassic Park."

Gregory S. Paul family life

His father was a salesman and his mother was a housewife. He has a brother.

Associations of Gregory S. Paul

He worked on the Emmy-winning Discovery Channel series "Dinosaur Planet," narrated by Christian Slater.

Top Facts You Did Not Know About Gregory S. Paul

  • Dinosaur Renaissance is a small-scale scientific revolution that began in the late 1960s and led to the rise of academic and popular interest in dinosaurs.
  • Feathered Dinosaurs - Feathered dinosaur is a species of dinosaur with feathers. While this includes all birds, recent evidence supports the hypothesis that many, if not all, dinosaurs that were not poultry also possessed feathers in one form or another.
  • Paleoart - Paleoart is an original work of art that tries to represent prehistoric life according to scientific evidence. The works of the classics can be descriptions of fossil remains or fanciful representations of living organisms and their ecosystems.
  • Taxa named by Gregory S. Paul
  • Scientific illustrator
  • Criticism of religion
  • American paleontologist

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