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Date of Birth April 29, 1901
Place of Birth Minato, Japan
Date of Death Jan 7, 1989 (87)
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Hirohito was the 124th emperor of Japan according to the traditional order of succession. He reigned as the emperor of the Empire of Japan from 25 December 1926 until 2 May 1947 and of the state of Japan from 3 May 1947 until his death on 7 January 1989. He was succeeded by his fifth child and eldest son, Akihito. Emperor Showa and his wife Empress Kojun had seven children, two sons and five daughters. In Japan, reigning emperors are known simply as "the Emperor" and he is now referred to primarily by his posthumous name, Shōwa, which is the name of the era coinciding with his reign; for this reason, he is also known as the Shōwa Emperor or Emperor Shōwa. By 1979, Hirohito was the only monarch in the world with the highest royal title "emperor." Hirohito was the longest-lived and longest-reigning historical Japanese emperor and one of the longest-reigning monarchs in the world.

Predecessor: Taishō
Successor: Akihito
Monarch: Taishō
Born: Michinomiya Hirohito, April 29, 1901, Tōgū Palace, Aoyama, Tokyo City, Tokyo Prefecture, Empire of Japan
Died: January 7, 1989, Fukiage Palace, Japan
Burial: 24 February 1989, Musashi Imperial Graveyard, Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan
Issue: Shigeko Higashikuni, Sachiko, Princess Hisa, Kazuko Takatsukasa, Atsuko Ikeda, Akihito, Emperor Emeritus of Japan, Masahito, Prince Hitachi, Takako Shimazu
House: Imperial House of Japan
Father: Emperor Taishō
Mother: Empress Teimei
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About Hirohito

Also known as Emperor Showa, he reigned as the Emperor or Japan from 1926 to 1989. He helped form the Axis Powers with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy and led Japan during its involvement in World War II.

Before Fame

He served in Japan's army and navy as a second lieutenant.


After World War II, he was not prosecuted for war crimes as many other leading government figures were because the US felt that it would be too much of a shock for the Japanese people to see their emperor, who they thought of like a god, standing trial.

Family Life

He was married to Empress Kojun from 1924 until his death in 1989. He had seven children: Akihito, Prince Shigeko, Takako, Sachiko, Kazuko, and Atsuko. Akihito, the eldest, succeeded him upon his death.


He was one of the leaders of the Axis powers during WWII, which can also be said for Germany's Adolf Hitler.

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