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Miss Colombia

Current Titleholder
María Fernanda Aristizábal Urrea
Gabriela Tafur
Miss Colombia

Miss Colombia is the national beauty pageant organization in Colombia. The current Miss Colombia is Maria Fernanda Aristizabal Urrea of Quindío, who was crowned on 11th November 2019 and will be reigning until November 2021 due to the COVID-19 situation. The national director for Colombia is Raimundo Angulo Pizarro.

Motto "Las mujeres de mi tierra" ("The women of my land")
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Cartagena
Location Colombia
Membership Miss International, Miss Supranational
Official language Spanish
National Director Raimundo Angulo Pizarro

Sobre Miss Colombia

National beauty pageant of Colombia that has a motto which reads, "Las mujeres de mi tierra." Raimundo Angulo Pizarro became the organization's national director.

Conquista de Miss Colombia

The pageant has seen two of its titleholders go on to win Miss Universe: Luz Marina Zuluaga and Paulina Vega.

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