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Animal Jam

9 September, 2010
Animal Jam

Animal Jam Classic, formerly known as Animal Jam, is an online virtual world that was developed by WildWorks and is recommended for children aged 4 to 8. It was launched in 2010, in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. With more than 300 Million registered users, Animal Jam Classic is one of the many fastest-growing online children's properties in the world along with Moshi Monsters. In Animal Jam Classic, players will discover and learn various facts about zoology using the game's numerous features, including mini-games, puzzles, adventures, parties, and social interactions. Due to its rapid growing, Animal Jam Classic has spawned different types of merchandise, including figurine toys, children's books, board games, and a subscription box. Although Animal Jam Classic is primarily played online, the Animal Jam universe has been expanded to most incorporate mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and iOS devices.

Sobre Animal Jam

App and computer game that allows users to create and customize their own animals and socialize with other users.

Conquista de Animal Jam

The game reached 1 million registered players in May 2011, only 6 months after initially launching. By 2016, the game had reached over 50 million players worldwide. 

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Video games about animals.. Fantasy MMORPGs.. National Geographic Society.. Flash games.. Massively multiplayer online games.. Children's educational video games.. Browser games.

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