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Frida Söderström(TikTok明星)- 年齡、生日、生物、事實、家庭、淨值、身高等

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關於Frida Söderström, the app that later became TikTok, made her famous for posting lip syncing videos to her account. On the platform, she has over 30,000 loyal followers.

Frida Söderström成名前 became her obsession after she downloaded the app for fun.

Frida Söderström的成就

She used to be a very active dancer when she was little.

Frida Söderström的家庭生活

She is the younger of two brothers.

Frida Söderström協會

Along with TikTok Star Michaela Jonsson, she was a member of a collaboration group.

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