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Camie Loneozner was a Human female who was a friend of Luke Skywalker at Anchorhead during the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. Her family managed an underground hydroponic garden on Tatooine, and bought most of their water from Owen Lars's farm. She hung out at Tosche Station with Janek "Tank" Sunber, Laze "Fixer" Loneozner, Biggs Darklighter, and Skywalker. Camie was involved with Laze Loneozner, whom she eventually married when Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter left Tatooine. Laze Loneozner built an illegal podracer to sell in order to raise enough funds for a lavish wedding party for her. After the deaths of Owen and Beru Lars, some of the locals believed that their nephew had murdered them. Camie Loneozner, having spent much time with him, didn't believe those rumors at all. After the Battle of Yavin, she told this to historian Voren Na'al in an interview. When TaggeCo decided to test their Omega Frost technology on Tatooine, they bought up a number of the local moisture farms. The Loneozners took over the operations of the old Darklighter farm and were hired by the Tagges to take care of all of the local properties. The two Loneozners ran into Luke Skywalker when he returned to Tatooine on a mission for the Rebellion. They feared that Skywalker might cause trouble and ruin their relationship with the Tagges, and so they reported him to the Imperials. However, Fixer Loneozner had second thoughts about turning in his old friend and decided to warn Skywalker about the Imperials, allowing the young Rebel to escape capture. Camie was portrayed by Koo Stark in A New Hope, though her scenes were not used in the final film release. Her deleted scenes appeared in the first issue of the Marvel Star Wars comics adaptation of A New Hope, and she also appeared in Star Wars 17: Crucible and Star Wars 31: Return to Tatooine. The lost scenes from A New Hope can be seen in Star Wars: Behind the Magic.

Homeworld Tatooine
Born c. 19 BBY
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Era(s) Rebellion era

About Camie

Camie pp, a TikTok star known for her storytime and comedy videos, has amassed a large following. On the social media network, she has over 1.6 million followers.

Camie before fame

In February 2020, she created her TikTok account.

Achievement of Camie

A comedy performance about having divorced parents is one of her most successful TikTok videos.

Camie family life

Alex, her lover, has made an appearance on her Instagram account camie pp.

Associations of Camie

In June 2020, she posted a TikTok video set to Cauty, Lenny Tavárez, Jaywheeler, Noriel, and Lex Rose's song"Lloras Remix.".

Top Facts You Did Not Know About Camie

Moisture farmers. Tatooinians

Latest information about Camie updated on August 30 2021.

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