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YouTube Star
Date of Birth September 14, 1994
Place of Birth United States
Age 26 years old
Horoscope Virgo

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The given name Eric, Erich, Erikk, Erik, or Erick is derived from the Old Norse name Eiríkr. The first element, ei- is derived either from the older Proto-Norseaina, meaning "one, alone, unique", as in the form Æinrikr explicitly, or from *aiwa "everlasting, eternity". The second element -ríkr stems either from *ríks "king, ruler" or from the therefrom derived *ríkijaz "kingly, powerful, rich, prince". The name is thus usually taken to mean "sole ruler, autocrat" or "eternal ruler, ever powerful". The most common spelling in Scandinavia and the Netherlands is Erik. In Norway, another form of the name Eirik is also commonly used. In Finland, the form Erkki is also used. The modern Icelandic version is Eiríkur, while the modern Faroese version is Eirikur. Éric [eʁik] is used in French, and in Germany Eric, Erik and Erich are used. Although the name was in use in Anglo-Saxon England, its use was reinforced by Scandinavian settlers arriving before the Norman conquest of England.

Pronunciation: - ik ]], French: ], Romanian: ], Erik, Swedish: ], Dutch: ]( listen), Erich, German: ] (listen)
Gender: Male
Name day: Sweden & Norway: May 18
Word/name: Old Norse
Meaning: "sole ruler", "eternal ruler"
Region of origin: Germania
Variant form(s): Eiríkr

About Eirik

YouTube gamer who is known for running the Nintendo gaming host EndGameTV. He has also operated his own eponymous YouTube channel, where he frequently posts Nintendo gameplay videos.

Before Fame

He began his YouTube channel on July 20, 2012. He posted his first video there on July 20, 2012.


He has amassed more than 4,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. One of his most popular videos there, "Mario Kart 8: What You Need To Know & Analysis," has earned more than 575,000 total views.

Family Life

He was born and raised in the United States.


He and fellow online gamer Cookieboy17 are both known for their prolific Mario Kart careers.

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  • Eriksgata - Eriksgata is the name of the traditional journey of the newly elected medieval Swedish kings through the important provinces to have their election confirmed by the local assemblies.
  • Frederick (given name) - Frederick is a masculine given name meaning "peaceful ruler". It is the English form of the German name Friedrich. Its meaning is derived from the Germanic word elements frid, or peace, and ric, meaning "ruler" or "power".
  • Saga of Erik the Red - Eiríks saga rauða or the Saga of Erik the Red is a saga on the Norse exploration of North-America. The original saga is thought to have been written in the 13th century.The saga is preserved in two manuscripts in somewhat different versions; Hauksbók and Skálholtsbók.
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  • Euric - Euric, also known as Evaric, or Eurico in Spanish and Portuguese, son of Theodoric I, ruled as king of the Visigoths, after murdering his brother, Theodoric II, from 466 until his death in 484. Sometimes he is called Euric II.
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