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Birthday ***, 1993
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Age 28 years old
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
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John Hicks

Sir John Hicks is an English economist. He is considered to be one of the most important and influential economists of the 20th century. Most of his familiar contributions to the economic field are his claims of the theory of consumer demand in microeconomics and the IS-LM model, which summarizes Keynes's view on macroeconomics. His book Values ​​and Capital significantly expanded his theory of general equilibrium and value. The compensation function is called the Hicksian bridge function in memory of him. In 1972, he received the Nobel Prize in Economics for his pioneering contributions to general equilibrium theory and welfare theory.

Born John Richard Hicks, April 08, 1904, Warwick, England, UK
Died May 20, 1989, Blockley, England, UK
Nationality British

About John Hicks

Director, photographer and content creator behind his self-titled YouTube channel. He's known for his BMX videos and capturing his extreme sport adventures.

John Hicks before fame

He created his John Hicks Film channel in September 2014.

Achievement of John Hicks

His channel boasts over 1 million subscribers as well as 124 million views and counting.

John Hicks family life

He's originally from Los Angeles, California.

Associations of John Hicks

He's known for his BMX YouTube videos similarly to Ryan Taylor.

Top Facts You Did Not Know About John Hicks

  • Hicksian demand function - In microeconomics, the consumer's Hicksian demand match is the consumer's demand for a good set of goods that minimizes expenditure while providing a fixed level of utility.
  • Hicks Optimal - According to game theory, the optimal Hicks score, named after John Hicks, is the point where the higher the total payout to all players in a game. An optimal Hicks result is always an effective Pareto.
  • Neutral Technical Change in Hicks - Technical Neutral Change in Hicks is a change in the production function of a company or sector that satisfies certain economic neutral conditions. Hicks' concept of neutrality was first introduced by John Hicks in 1932 in his theory of wages.
  • Nobel Prize in Economics - The Nobel Prize in Economics, officially named the Sveriges Riksbank Prize for Economics in honor of Alfred Nobel, is an economic prize administered by the Nobel Foundation.
  • New Keynesian economists
  • Neoclassical economists
  • Drummond professor of political economy
  • Keynesians
  • General equilibrium theorists
  • Winner of the Nobel Prize in English
  • Nobel Prize winner in Economics
  • British Nobel Prize winners
  • Fellow from Nuffield College, Oxford
  • Fellows of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge
  • Academician from Victoria University of Manchester
  • Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford
  • British economists
  • English writers of the 20th century
  • Everyone has been studying at Clifton College
  • Scholars from London School of Economics
  • Member of the Economic Association

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