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Robson Lemos Rodovalho is a bishop, physicist and former Brazilian federal deputy, the founder, along with Maria Lúcia Rodovalho, of the Neo-Petencostal Foundation and of the Sara Nossa Terra missionary community, of which he is chair.

About Robson Lemos Rodovalho

Religious leader, author and musician who, along with wife Maria Lucia Brill, founded the Neo-Pentecostal Foundation and the Heal Our Land Evangelical Community. Both he and Brill serve as bishops and preachers in the organization.

Robson Lemos Rodovalho before fame

He and his wife founded their church while he was studying to be a physicist at the Federal University of Goias.

Achievement of Robson Lemos Rodovalho

He was elected Secretary of Labor in in 2008, but was dismissed by his own party in 2010.

Robson Lemos Rodovalho family life

He and his grandson Pedrão regularly perform worship songs together during services.

Associations of Robson Lemos Rodovalho

He's worked with fellow Brazilian televangelist Silas Malafaia and the two can be seen in YouTube videos preaching on various topics together.

Top Facts You Did Not Know About Robson Lemos Rodovalho

http://bisporodovalho.com.br/ Official website. http://www.saranossaterra.com.br/ Trang officielle by Sara Nossa Terra

Latest information about Robson Lemos Rodovalho updated on July 23 2021.