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Christopher McCandless

Christopher McCandless Fast Facts
Birthday ***, 1968
Place of Birth El Segundo, California
Death day August 18, 1992 (24 years old)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
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Christopher McCandless

Christopher Johnson McCandless is an American hiker and traveler, also known as the "Alexander Supertramp". After graduating from college in 1990, McCandless traveled across mainland North America and finally hitchhiked to Alaska in April 1992. There he started along an old mining road known as the Stampede Trail, with minimal supplies, hoping he could just make a living off the dirt. In September, McCandless's decaying body, weighing just 30kg, was found by a hunter on a converted bus, the Fairbanks Bus 142, used as a shelter in the countryside along the Stampede Trail on the east side of the River. Sushana river. The cause of his death has been officially attributed to famine, although the exact cause remains the subject of some debate.

Born Christopher Johnson McCandless, Feb 12, 1968, El Segundo, California, U.S.
Disappeared April 28, 1992
Died c. August 1992 (aged 24), Stampede Trail, Alaska, U.S.
Cause of death Starvation, possibly brought on by poisoning
Body discovered September 6, 1992
Other names Chris McCandless, Alexander Supertramp
Education Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School
Alma mater Emory University

About Christopher McCandless

Famous adventurer and nonconformist who left civilization to live off the land and trek alone through the Alaskan wilderness.

Christopher McCandless before fame

He displayed intense idealism and remarkable physical endurance during his youth. As captain of his high school's cross country team, he pushed past his own physical limits with an almost religious fervor and urged his teammates to do the same.

Achievement of Christopher McCandless

He called himself "Alexander Supertramp" and believed that he could survive any situation. Sadly, he died of starvation 113 days into his journey into the wilderness.

Christopher McCandless family life

His father was a NASA engineer and his mother worked for the Hughes Aircraft Company.

Associations of Christopher McCandless

Sean Penn wrote and directed Into the Wild, a film about McCandless' fascinating life and tragic death.

Top Facts You Did Not Know About Christopher McCandless

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  • American nomads
  • Hiking people
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  • Emory University Alumni

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