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Astrology Birth Chart for Catherine Pugh

Catherine Elizabeth Pugh is a former American politician and has been convicted of a felony. As a Democrat, she was Baltimore's 50th mayor from 2016 to 2019, when she resigned amid a scandal that resulted in criminal charges. Pugh has been involved in Maryland politics since 1999, when she was elected to the Baltimore City Council. She also held positions in the Maryland House of Representatives and the Maryland Senate, as a majority leader from 2015 to 2016. She ran for Baltimore in 2011 for the first time and lost her preliminary position because of entitlement. by Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Pugh ran for re-election in 2016 and won the primary election against former mayor Sheila Dixon. Pugh went on to win the mayoral election on November 8, 2016, with 57% of the popular vote, and took office on December 6, 2016. She was Baltimore's third consecutive female mayor. . In April 2019, Pugh announced that she would be on leave indefinitely to recover from pneumonia.

American politician who was elected to the Maryland State Senate as a Democrat in 2007. She was named the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Baltimore in 2016.


Horscope Natal Chart of Catherine Pugh

Birth chart of Catherine Pugh (also know as a natal chart) like a map that provides a snapshot of all the planetary coordinates at the exact time of Catherine Pugh birth. Every individual’s birth chart is completely unique. The location, date, and time of Catherine Pugh birth is all that is needed to calculate Catherine Pugh birth chart.

Catherine Pugh Infomation
***, 1950
Zodiac Sign
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You can think of the planets as symbolizing core parts of the human personality, and the signs as different colors of consciousness through which they filter through.

Planet Zodiac Sign House Degrees
Sun Sun
Moon Moon
Mercury Mercury
Venus Venus
Mars Mars
Jupiter Jupiter
Saturn Saturn
Uranus Uranus
Neptune Neptune
Pluto Pluto
North Node North Node
Lilith Lilith

The aspects describe the geometric angles between the planets. Each shape they produce has a different meaning.

Name Zodiac Sign Degree
House 2
House 3
Imum Coeli
House 5
House 6
House 8
House 9
House 11
House 12

*The chart above uses the Placidus House System & Tropical Zodiac System.


The aspects describe the geometric angles between the planets. Each shape they produce has a different meaning.

Planet 1 Aspect Planet 2 Deg Level

Astrology and Birth chart Report of Catherine Pugh

In this report, with AllFamous's birth chart report, we explore the layout of the Catherine Pugh birth chart, unique planetary placements and aspects, and let you know the strengths and challenges of the Catherine Pugh birth chart.

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